The definitive industry reference on the paper and paperboardpackaging sector. Now in a fully revised and updated second edition, this bookdiscusses all the main types of packaging based on paper andpaperboard. It considers the raw materials, the manufacture ofpaper and paperboard, and the basic properties and features onwhich packaging made from these materials depends for itsappearance and performance. The manufacture of twelve types ofpaper- and paperboard-based packaging is described, together withtheir end-use applications and the packaging machinery involved.The importance of pack design is stressed, as well as how thesematerials offer packaging designers opportunities for imaginativeand innovative design solutions. Environmental factors, includingresource sustainability, societal and waste management issues areaddressed in a dedicated chapter. The book is directed at readers based in companies whichmanufacture packaging grades of paper and paperboard, companiesinvolved in the design, printing and production of packaging, andcompanies which manufacture inks, coatings, adhesives and packagingmachinery. It will be essential reading for students of packagingtechnology and technologists working in food manufacturing who areusers of paper and paperboard packaging products. Praise for the First Edition 'This book is a valuable addition to the library of anyforward-looking company by providing in-depth coverage of allaspects of packaging which involve the most ecologically acceptablematerial, namely paper and paperboard.'--InternationalJournal of Dairy Technology '...a welcome contribution to a field where coverage waspreviously limited to subject-specific books... or to singlechapters in textbooks on broader aspects of packagingtechnology.'--Packaging Technology and Science
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