After years as a consultant to some of the world's biggest brandsand having owned ten companies himself, Troy Hazard has learnedcrucial lessons on predicting potential business issues before youexperience them. Now Troy offers you the skills to prepare yourbusiness for a better future. Along with his stories of what works,he also shares his experiences of what doesn't work. With a mix ofentertaining real life extracts, client case studies, and personalexperiences, Future Proofing Your Business offers potent andrefined tools that have been road tested in real-world situationsand aren't taught in business school. * Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities * Break down business barriers created by bad belief systems * Develop powerful leadership skills through stronger personalawareness * Know if you're driving your business into the future or intothe ground * Discover how to make change a consciousness not just anaction. * Understand your future through a greater understanding ofyourself All through the author's extensive experience in his own companiesand as a consultant for major world brands Troy's philosophy on how to future-proof your business isanchored in one core belief: "Business happens in cycles. Yourability to manage these cycles successfully lies in how youinterpret information from the past and deal with it in thepresent, to be more resilient through cycles of the future." Troy Hazard (San Diego CA.; has founded and nurturedten businesses over two decades, turned around businesses that wereexperiencing enormous losses, and consulted to countless successfulcompanies around the world. These business talents earned himinternational respect, so much so that he was elected by theworld's foremost business leaders for the role of Global Presidentof the Entrepreneurs' Organization. For over a decade Troy has beena host and regular guest on many national television and radioshows as a business commentator and a feature writer for magazines.More recently he has become a regular voice of authority on The BizTelevision Network, the CBS Talk Radio Network, and the BusinessTalk Radio Network, and is a regular writer in publications acrossthe country.
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