Praise for Energy & Environmental Hedge Funds:The New Investment Paradigm "I highly recommend this book for those investors interested inenergy and environmental hedge funds. It is a great handbook onthese topics. The authors make a difficult subject easy forinvestors to understand. Energy and Environmental HedgeFunds are both the newest and next area for hedge fundinvestment and diversification." --Lisa Vioni, President, "Peter Fusaro and Gary Vasey have done a great jo9b in compilingall of the background information that a newcomer to energyinvesting should have. This insightful book helps in determininghow best to gain exposure to the rapidly changing energy tradingsector." --Raj Mahajan, President & Co-Founder, SunGardKiodex "The entry of opportunistic hedge funds into the energy sectoris creating a sea of change for the industry. Fueled by pensionfunds and institutional investors, hedge funds are attracted to thepetroleum industry because the current price volatility providesgenerous returns for their investors. However, these investmentsare not without risk. Gary Vasey and Peter Fusaro explain the insand outs of it all in their insightful narrative." --Don Stowers, Editor, Oil & Gas FinancialJournal "Peter Fusaro and Gary Vasey write about energy andenvironmental hedge fund markets with greater style, aplomb, andinsight that any other observers of financial high streetsworldwide.... Outlining some of the early and provocative detailsof an industry's youthful achievement and potential, it is likelythat this exposition by two of the energy and financial world'smost credible experts will become a seminal work." --Ethan L. Cohen, Director, Utility and EnergyTechnology, UtiliPoint International, Inc.
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  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9781118170021
  • ISBN: 9781118170021
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
  • E-Book type: epub
  • Author: Peter C. Fusaro
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