1 Prologue.

Survivor guilt.

Breaching taboos.

No mass murder without victims.

2 The Vienna Kultusgemeinde before 1938.

Securing evidence - at the scene of the crime.

Jewish strategies to counter anti-Semitism.

The corporate state - in the shadow of the Third Reich.

3 Persecution.

The German invasion and the Austrian response.

Expropriation through the deprivation of rights.

The hunt for booty.

4 Struggle for survival and escape.

The decapitation of the Jewish Community.

The attempt to escape or 'Get rid of the Yids and keep their money here.'

5 The Vienna Jewish community under Nazi control.

The reorganization of the Kultusgemeinde.

Jewish self-help and welfare.

'Emigration' - mass expulsion.

Illegal escape.

6 November pogrom - overture to murder.

7 The Jewish community after the pogrom.

Escape as a last resort.

Functionaries: victims and messengers of terror.

Administration during the terror.

Benjamin Murmelstein.

The employees in the system.

Lateral entrants.

8 Beginning of the end.

Nisko or the dress rehearsal for deportation.

Segregation, concentration and theft.

9 Deportation and extermination.

10 The administration of extermination.

Segregation and identification or a Jewish star for 10 pfennigs.

Liquidation - expropriation to the last.

Designation and handing over of victims.

Welfare and burial service - administration in the shadow of destruction.

11 Die Kultusgemeinde - authorities without power.

Individual stories.

The victims' perspective.

The administration and its employees.

The conditioning of leading functionaries.

Questions of character - individual Jewish functionaries before and after 1945.

12 Discussion of the Jewish councils and the situation in Vienna.

List of abbreviations.


Index of persons.

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Eichmann's Jews
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