Connection point is a folklore that tells about who the Nig!?r is and where the people known by that name came from. How important is a name to a people? A name is a very powerful vehicle that identifies the people or their tribes. It gives us a history of the people. In essence, we come to understand the nature of the people better; even more, we gain information from each other to make behavior adjustment in the differences we have with each other. The Author takes the folklore he received growing up close to his grandfather and developed it into this book. Lee Ferry took the "N" word to pieces and rendered the word to the departure point of the people, a Niger River Kingdom. Then, in his research appeared the Jewish prince-priest from Yemen, with a Saint George and the Dragon type mission to bring the Songo (River Nig!?rs) back to Judaism. Lee examines the Songo folklore, which seems to coincide with our folklore; they came from Egypt where an island in the Nile had an Israelite Temple on it around the time the Temple was destroyed. The people were Ethiopians. Then the struggle for right or might is on. The story is lively with a bold approach to a subject no one is willing to talk about; yet at the time, it is a fact that this subject needs to be cleaned up once and for all.
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9781449086572
  • ISBN: 9781449086572
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  • Author: Lee Ferry
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