The Oligocene and Miocene Epochs comprise the most important phasesin the Cenozoic global cooling that led from a greenhouse to anicehouse Earth. Recent major advances in the understanding and time-resolutionof climate events taking place at this time, as well as theproliferation of studies on Oligocene and Mioceneshallow-water/neritic carbonate systems, invite us to re-evaluatethe significance of these carbonate systems in the context ofchanges in climate and Earth surface processes. Carbonate systems,because of a wide dependence on the ecological requirements oforganisms producing the sediment, are sensitive recorders ofchanges in environmental conditions on the Earth surface. The papers included in this Special Publication address thedynamic evolution of carbonate systems deposited during theOligocene and Miocene in the context on climatic and Earth surfacesprocesses focusing on climatic trends and controls overdeposition; temporal changes in carbonate producers andpalaeoecology; carbonate terminology; facies; processes andenvironmental parameters (including water temperature andproduction depth profiles); carbonate producers and their spatialand temporal variability; and tectonic controls overarchitecture. This book is part of the International Associationof Sedimentologists (IAS) Special Publications. The Special Publications from the IAS are a set of thematicvolumes edited by specialists on subjects of central interest tosedimentologists. Papers are reviewed and printed to the same highstandards as those published in the journal Sedimentologyand several of these volumes have become standard works ofreference.
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