The character and object of this book are set forth on its title page. It is a manual designed for the practical assist ance of those who wish to build their own canoes. The number Of boating men who find pleasure merely in sailing a boat is small compared with those who delight not only in handling, but as well in planning. Building, improv ing or 'tinkering generally on their pet craft, and undoubt edly the latter derive the greater amount of pleasure from the Sport. They not only feel a pride in the result of their work, but their pleasure goes on, independent of the seasons. No sooner do cold and ice interfere with sport afloat than the craft is hauled up, dismantled, and for the next half year becomes a source of unlimited pleasure to her owner and a nuisance to his family and friends. We know one eminent canoeist who keeps a fine canoe in his cellar and feeds her on varnish and brass screws for fifty weeks of every year.
  • Book type: E-book
  • Language: English
  • Ean Code: 9780243824656
  • ISBN: 9780243824656
  • Publisher: Forgotten Books
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  • Author: W. P. Stephens
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