A new perspective on the link between inflammation andcancer Inflammation is the human body's normal biologicalresponse to threats in the modern world, as well as a defenseagainst the harmful influence of pathogens, the environment, andpoor nutrition. But what happens when the inflammatory response istriggered repeatedly and sustained for long periods of time?Cancer and Inflammation Mechanisms: Chemical, Biological, andClinical Aspects discusses the mechanisms by which chronicinflammation can lead to cancer, the various causative agents, andpossible prevention methods. A compilation of the latest information coming out of thevarious fields of cancer research, this book provides a detailedlook at inflammation-related carcinogenesis from the perspective ofresearchers at the forefront of the field. It takes aninterdisciplinary approach to the topic, and provides comprehensiveinformation about the major factors at work in inflammation,cancer, and the intersection of the two conditions. Topicsinclude: * A general overview of inflammation-related cancer * The biochemistry of inflammation and its effects on DNA * Molecular biology and the role of microRNA incarcinogenesis * Specific causative agents including oncogenic viruses,asbestos, and nanomaterial * Anti-inflammatories, nutraceuticals, and other preventativemeasures A deeper understanding of the mechanisms behindinflammation-related carcinogenesis can lead to better patientoutcomes by improving diagnostics and prevention, as well asaltering the approach to treatment. Cancer and InflammationMechanisms: Chemical, Biological, and Clinical Aspects providesthe knowledge base researchers need to push the field forward.
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