This volume contains the collection of papers presented at the 11th International Congress on Calvin Research that took place in Zurich in 2014, and was hosted by the Institute for Swiss Reformation history. While many colleagues of Calvin addressed him in their letters as ‘Pastor Ecclesiae’ (Pastor of the Church), this is also the position he held when he passed away, 450 years before the congress in Zurich took place. The first part of the book consists of the plenary papers presented by leading scholars in Reformation history and theology, uncovering new grounds in Calvin research that may well evoke further research. In the second part, the seminars held at the Congress are published, and the third part consists of a selection of short papers presented at the Congress. These papers cover a wide variety of themes related to Calvin. They demonstrate that the interest in Calvin research since the Calvin-year in 2009 is even growing and that there is still much to be discovered.With contributions by: Forrest Buckner, Amy Nelson Burnett, Esther Chung-Kim, Max Engammare, Patrizio Foresta, Aurelio Garcia, Christian Grosse, Pierrick Hildebrand, R. Ward Holder, Luka Ilić, Jung-Sook Lee, Jeannette Kreijkes, Anthony N.S. Lane, Jonathan Lett, Karin Maag, Balázs Dávid Magyar, Elsie Anne McKee, Joe Mock, Wim Moehn, Jeannine Olson, Peter Opitz, György Papp, Johanna Rahner, Herman J. Selderhuis, Petr Škubal, Herman A. Speelman, Sun-kwon Kim, John L. Thompson, David M. Whitford, and Piotr Wilczek.
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  • Language: English
  • Book series: Reformed Historical Theology
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  • Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
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