To avoid repetition. My hope is to be Of some use to those ministers who are still at a stage when they are seeking more footing on such matters than they have been provided with in mere Biblical or Historical Theology. There is no region where religion becomes so quickly theology as in dealing with the work Of Christ. No doctrine takes us so straight to the heart Of things, or so forces on us a discussion of the merits of the case, the dog matic of it, as distinct from its scriptural or its ecclesiastical career. NO doctrine draws so directly on the personal religion Of sinful men, and none, therefore, is Open to so much change in the course Of the Church's thought upon its growing faith and life. Thus when we consider that here we are at once where the form may change most in time and yet the feet be most firmly set for eternity, we realise how difficult and delicate our task must be. And we are made to feel as if the due book on such a theme could only be written from behind the veil with the most precious blood that ever flowed in human veins.
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