From my first knowledge of you, I perceived that there were several obstacles in the way of my wishes for you.First, an aspect of thoughtfulness and care, that gives you the air of a tradesman, instead of the degagce address of a fine gentleman; and, secondly, that mean, sneaking quality of bashfulness, which loses all your consequence in mixed company, and makes you appear like a school-boy trembling under the ferula. To remedy the last defect, I sent you to Westminster School, which has generally been an effectual cure to it; and I hoped an acquaintance with the world would wear off the first. In the next place, I sent you to Cambridge, not to study the mathematics, which are the ton of that place at this time; no, nor yet the classics, which are quite out of fashion: and still less theology, or the civil law: - no, Edward, my design was to introduce you to the acquaintance of the young men of fortune and fashion there, and to pave the way to your preferment in future, by making an interest with them.From the college, 1 brought you to the capital, and introduced you into the world, recommending you to a polite circle of my friends there.
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  • Produktsprache: Englisch
  • Ean Code: 9780259623458
  • ISBN: 9780259623458
  • Verlag: Forgotten Books
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  • Autor: Clara Reeve
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