Meager and unauthenticated details of the story gained circulation among the early pioneers and were by them rehearsed from memory to those who came after them. This volume, the result of long research, was primarily suggested through a lingering love ofthe pioneer days. The pleasures that were woven into the thin mesh Of early day society and the occupations Of those first citizens, as well as the hardships and privations which came into the country hand in 'hand with the pioneer himself, are matters that have frequently passed in review. Of the writer's memory. They are Of a period Which Of itself constitutes an important epoch. From meditation upon these things has emanated the desire to place in the hands of the people the facts Of the events which made it possible to settle and develop this great, rich section of country in unbroken peace — of the time just beyond the real pioneer.
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  • Autor: Benjamin Franklin Manring
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