The pivotal text that bridges the gap between fundamentals andapplications of soft matter in organic electronics Covering an expanding and highly coveted subject area,Supramolecular Soft Matter enlists the services of leadingresearchers to help readers understand and manipulate theelectronic properties of supramolecular soft materials for use inorganic opto-electronic devices, such as photovoltaics and fieldeffect transistors, some of the most desired materials for energyconservation. Rather than offering a compilation of current trendsin supramolecular soft matter, this book bridges the gap betweenfundamentals and applications of soft matter in organic electronicsin an effort to open new directions in research for applyingsupramolecular assembly into organic materials while also focusingon the morphological functions originating from the materials'self-assembled architectures. This unique approach distinguishesSupramolecular Soft Matter as a valuable resource for learning toidentify concepts that hold promise for the successful developmentof organic/polymeric electronics for use in real-worldapplications. Supramolecular Soft Matter: * Combines important topics to help supramolecular chemists andorganic electronics researchers work together * Covers an interdisciplinary field of prime importance togovernment-supported R&D research * Discusses the concepts and perspectives in a dynamic field toaid in the successful development of organic electronics * Includes applications for energy conservation like photovoltaicsand field effect transistors Teeming with applicable information on both molecular design andsynthesis, as well as the development of smart molecular assembliesfor organic electronic systems, Supramolecular Soft Matter providesmore practical in-depth coverage of this rapidly evolvingtechnology than any other book in its field.
  • Buchtyp: E-book
  • Produktsprache: Englisch
  • Ean Code: 9781118095317
  • ISBN: 9781118095317
  • Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
  • E-Book-Typ: PDF
  • Autor: Takashi Nakanishi
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
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