Some of these sermons have been published in periodi cals, or printed for private distribution; others are now for the first time in print. Nearly all were taken down by stenographers, whether for a periodical or for the preacher. In revising, it has not usually seemed best to remove the colloquial phrases, and the occasional breaks in construo tion, which naturally mark freely spoken discourse. Where necessary in order to account for illustrations or other allusions in a sermon or address, the occasion of its delivery has been stated in a note. Several of the' sermons have been preached to a good many churches; and persons who remember well in that line may be interested in noticing differences, sometimes numerous and considerable, due to altered circumstances or the preacher's varying moods. Some of the addresses are quite familiar in tone; others were made on a dignified or solemn occasion. Everything in the volume that -is not of quite recent origin, has been carefully revised. The task has awakened a thousand precious memories of those among whom I have gone preaching the gospel. I pray God's blessing upon them all; and his blessing upon these printed dis courses, that they may do some good.
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