"A fascinating, enlightening, and money-making quick read on how to sell huge volumes of your product on television. A terrific book!"
—Joe Vitale, author of The Key and There's a Customer Born Every Minute

When Nick Romer initially envisioned the Kreate-a-lope® Envelope Maker—a template system that shows anyone how to make an envelope out of any kind of paper in seconds—he was far from familiar with what it would take to sell his first invention. He had many questions with regard to marketing, manufacturing, and pricing, but the most pressing question of all was where to begin?

A short time into his journey, Romer discovered a then-fledgling home shopping channel called QVC (Quality, Value, and Convenience). He decided to introduce his little idea to the world through QVC and quickly watched his product skyrocket in popularity and profitability.

Romer has long since mastered the art of selling on television, and now, with Make Millions Selling on QVC, he shares his extensive experiences and practical know-how with you. Romer's engaging and informative testimonial reveals how anyone—from the youngest inventor to the oldest entrepreneur—can use QVC to launch their product and make millions of dollars in the process.

In a fresh, conversational style, Romer takes you from first inspiration to final thoughts as he discusses how to:

  • Find or create hot products
  • Pitch your product for QVC acceptance
  • Prepare for your big moment on TV
  • Maintain a long-term relationship with QVC
  • Add easy money to your bottom line
  • Look beyond QVC and focus on other ways to drive your success
  • And much more

Through seventeen concise and well-crafted chapters, you'll not only discover the true power of QVC—from both a monetary and marketing perspective—but you'll also learn how QVC can be a springboard for other means of sales and distribution.

Make Millions Selling on QVC is more than just a guide to getting you and your products in front of millions of potential customers; it's an inside look at how the largest television retailer in the world operates. The information and advice found throughout these pages will give you a distinct edge in the competitive world of business and allow you to exceed your professional expectations and enjoy the success you deserve.

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  • ISBN: 9780470251799
  • Verlag: WILEY
  • Autor: Nick Romer
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Make Millions Selling on QVC
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