Peg Neuhauser is a speaker, consultant and author specializing in the areas of conflict management, organizational culture, and avoiding burnout. Her company, PCN Associates, works with clients in many industries, including health care, high-tech, and finance, as well as many non-profit organizations. She is the author of three other books,, Tribal Warfare in Organizations and Corporate Legends and Lore.

Ray Bender, Ph.D. is a speaker, consultant and author who specializes in advising CIOs and other senior executives on the management aspects of information technology. Dr. Bender is also a lecturer in the Management Department at Texas State University and Research Advisor for the CIO Group of Forrester Research. He was previously Vice President for Gartner Group’s North American IT Executive Program, and was a Consulting Instructor at IBM’s Advanced Business Institute. He is co-author of

Kirk L. Stromberg is the managing partner of the StarCompass Group, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in organizational and individual change. Previously, he was an executive at the senior management level at AARP responsible for strategic planning, several major change initiatives, and management of its research and training operations. He was also a lobbyist at the state and federal levels and an Operations Officer in the clandestine services of the CIA. He is co-author of

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I Should Be Burnt Out By Now... So How Come I'm Not?
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