IN the discussions of secondary school geography for a decade past, two ideas have constantly been emphasized: (1) that the geography of the secondary school ought to be humanized; and (2) that the influence of geographical environment upon man's mode of life and upon his principal activities should be always in the foreground. With these ideas the author is in sympathy, and he has tried to provide a brief course in geography in essential har mony with them. Until a few years ago the geography of the secondary school was either physical geography or commercial geography; but thus to separate the two is to rob each of its complement. If the large facts of economic geography are not traced back to the physical causes upon which, in a degree at least, they rest, and if the facts of physical geography are not carried forward to some of the great human consequences which arise from them, then each falls short of its possibilities. Geography is not simply a study of the physical environment of man, nor is it simply a study of selected human activities; rather is it a study of both p asst e1r interrelation.
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