Charles Warner, born Jan. 18, 1736; died Aug. 12, 1808. His wife, Martha Warner, born Aug. 20, 1788, died July 28, 1827. They were married April 2, 1759. Their children were: Orpha, Omri, Lucena, Levi and Asa Zimri. Martha Warner, who married Charles Warner, was the daughter (twelfth child) of Samuel Warner, son of Thomas Warner, son of John Warner, the head of the family in this country. I have long wished that I knew more of our family history, and believing there will come after me those who will have the same desire, I write down what I have learned and what I myself know of the family. Of the first of the name who came to this country we know little but their names, and not much even of my great-grandfather, Omri, except that he was a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
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