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Women, Crime, and Justice

Balancing the Scales

Elaine Gunnison, Frances P. Bernat, and Lynne Goodstein

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For the wonderful boys in my life who make each day special: Daniel, Zachary, and Evan

For my parents: Walter and Jane

—E. G.

To Nick and Emily, may your days be as filled with love and joy as mine have been with you in my life.

—F. B.

To Grace, whose love of reading will be a source of great joy throughout your lifetime.

—L. G.


This book would not have been possible without the support of many individuals. First, and foremost, we must thank Wiley Blackwell for providing us with an opportunity to write this important book. A special thanks to Julia Teweles, our original Acquisitions Editor, who helped us with our proposal and the initial stages of this work. We also are greatly appreciative of our Editors, Julia Kirk and Haze Humbert. They continued our project through the several internal and external reviews of our chapters and have provided us with much needed support and guidance for the past two years. We also would like to thank Project Editor Allison Kostka for her assistance, Copy Editor Joanna Pyke for her insightful revisions, and our several anonymous reviewers who provided substantive recommendations for improving this academic work. A great big thank you to Jane Poore at Seattle University and Erick Martinez at Texas A&M International University. We owe particular thanks to these two graduate students, Jane and Erick, who were instrumental in helping us edit our chapters and compile the ancillary materials that accompany this book. Jane worked tirelessly on obtaining recent materials for the chapters, editing the chapters, and completing significant portions of the ancillary materials, producing great work on short timelines. She was a pleasure to work with, and she truly was an asset to this project. Erick brought charm and attention to the needs of having a male voice in editing the chapters, finding ancillary materials that provide a gender and ethnic/racial balance to the completed project. He was also a pleasure to work with and Fran valued his help and contributions to this book.

Elaine would like to thank the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences at Seattle University for their support. Additionally, Elaine would like to thank her Criminal Justice Department colleagues and staff who have been so supportive throughout this project: Jackie Helfgott, Matthew Hickman, Stephen Rice, Peter Collins, William Parkin, David Connor, Kate Reynolds, and Devin MacKrell. Finally, Elaine would like to thank her family, friends, and loved ones who cheered her along the way. Since Elaine arrived at Seattle University in 2004, Jackie Helfgott has been an incredible mentor and friend. Thanks, Jackie, for all the lunches, coffee breaks, advice, and attempts to get Elaine to de-stress or get her from a Type A to a Type A-. Your friendship means the world to Elaine. Elaine is also thankful to her husband, Daniel, who has yet again stood by her side and offered his support. Thanks, Daniel, for always being there, cheering her on, and being the best friend ever. Elaine is also so thankful for her wonderful little boys, Zachary and Evan. Both boys are smart, kind, loving, caring, talented, and hardworking, and Elaine is so proud to be their Mom. She will always cherish their Summer bike rides, the “whale pool,” and all of their silly moments. Elaine must also thank her miniature dachshund, Snaps, who slept next to her almost the entire time when she worked on this book. Elaine waited her whole life for Snaps, and she was well worth the wait. Elaine would also like to thank her many friends from graduate school (Lo Presser, Julie Kiernan-Coon, Lisa McCartan-Kim, Randy and Kati Pagulayan) and beyond (Katie and Paul Windle, the Collins family) for their encouragement. Last, but not least, Elaine would like to thank her parents, Walter and Jane, for all their support. Thanks for all your phone calls, visits, and words of wisdom.

Fran would like to thank the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences at Texas A&M International University for their support. The college's executive assistant, Hilda Dennis, provided much needed office staff support for which Fran is very grateful. In addition, TAMIU library provided additional support with legal and academic research. In particular, we want to thank Jeanette Hacker for her diligence and help in finding difficult literary materials. Fran would also like to extend a thank you to her wonderful colleagues who have provided her with stimulating academic conversations and fun over the years. Of particular note she wishes to thank the friendship and colleagueship of: Faith Lutze, Jacqueline Helfgott, Mary Stohr, Daniel Georges-Abeyie, Marie Griffin, Tom Winfree, Larry Mays, Otwin Marenin, Allen Brawley, Sara Aléman, Emilia Martinez Brawley, Jean Hong, Candace McCoy, Rich Gitelson, Joy Pollock, Lynette Lee, and Paz Zorita. Fran wishes to thank the academic colleagueship from members of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology: Alida Merlo, Meda Chesney-Lind, Rosemary Gido, Loraine Gelsthorpe, Merry Morash, Angela Gover, Delores Jones-Brown, Sesha Kethineni, Leanne Alarid, Christine Sellers, Brenda Blackwell, Frankie Bailey, Joanne Belknap, Kimberly Dodson, and many others who have devoted their time and much needed attention to the study of women and criminal justice. Fran also warmly thanks her family and friends who make life a joy every day. She is proud of her children and knows that they help to make the world safe with their kind attention to the needs of others. As adults, her children continue to espouse the best of what individuals can and should be: intelligent, loving, thoughtful, responsive, and fun to be around. The world is a better place with each of the aforementioned persons in it. Fran thanks you from the bottom of her heart.

Lynne is grateful to the many colleagues who chose to invest their careers in studying and writing about women and crime. Many of you are featured in this book; you know who you are. Also to be thanked are colleagues at Penn State and the University of Connecticut who have supported her throughout her career. Thanks go also to the undergraduates who helped make this book better by reading early chapter drafts and providing useful feedback. Finally, Lynne sends a special thank you to her family, mother Elaine, husband Peter, sons Zach and Aaron, daughter-in-law Susan and granddaughter Grace, for their abundance of love and caring.

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