Throughout history, man has been digging in the dirt for many reasons. One of which has been to see what is there. Some found things that they could use, like rocks! After a while, they found different rocks for different uses. Some rocks made sparks when hit together, making fire and then some rocks (black ones) would burn, and the quest was on for more burning rocks to keep warm and cook. Mining quickly followed for special rocks and memorials. Digging for coal has been in practice for thousands of years, heating and fire for all kinds of activities. The book is a series of stories covering the authors four years of teaching in the school system. These stories also look at the miners through his eyes, working with them at the mine for one summer. Some stories look at the lives of the families that support the miners in the mine. These stories tell of the happiness, fears, dreams and hopes of these wonderful people and their adventures. These people, ranchers, miners, and their families are all trying to make a living for themselves. These stories and tall tales are a small part of our American past of which folklore is made.
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