This important and timely book comprises the comprehensive andauthoritative independent report of the British NutritionFoundation Task Force on the link between emerging aspects of dietand cardiovascular disease, a major cause of early death anddisability. Written by leading experts in the area, CardiovascularDisease: Diet, Nutrition and Emerging Risk Factors looksfurther than the well recognised factors such as high bloodcholesterol and smoking to identify and explore more subtle markersof risk. Chapters include coverage of novel lipid factors, vascularfunction, clotting factors, inflammatory factors, oxidative stressand homocysteine and early origins of adult disease. The impact ofobesity, insulin resistance, genetic predisposition and factorsrelated to adipose tissue are also addressed. Of vital use to awide range of health professionals this cutting-edge book providesthe reader with: * core information for health professionals as well as thoseinvolved in food formulation in the food industry * a dedicated question and answer chapter * important conclusions and recommendations with 'take-homemessages' Dietitians, nutritionists, general and family practitioners,cardiologists, cardiovascular specialists, community nurses,personnel in the food industry involved in product formulation,production, labelling of packaging and marketing will find this avaluable reference. Lecturers, undergraduates and postgraduates innutrition, dietetics, food science and medicine; libraries in allresearch establishments, commercial organisations, medical schoolsand universities where these subjects are studied or taught willalso find this an important addition to their shelves.
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