SADRSouth Atlantic Democratic Republicwas to become a theater of war from the first day General Jumial Jafar (JCOS) set his eyes on Silverstone Ankersine in a passing out parade at a military academy, and that became the seedbed of vendetta. Jumial Jafar, who later became a civilian president of SADR, takes his personal vendetta against Silverstone Ankersine to a ridiculous extreme. He scuttles a blooming romance between his daughter and Silverstone Ankersine. Banished from SADR, Silverstone Ankersine fights from outside the country and survived the senseless war. In a surprised turnaround, this same Silverstone Ankersine eventually married his enemys daughter, Aishatu Jumial Jafar, in a bid to ensure peace between them and put an end to the blood feud, but it was to no avail. Follow this never-say-die ex-marine as he outwits his oppressor, Jumial Jafar, in several grueling warring encounters. Eventually, the entire Jumial Jafars family finds its waterloo at the hands of their nemesis Captain Silverstone Ankersine on his return from exile. In a power play advantage following the inadvertent murder of an elected President Shitabay Mamara by unknown gunmen on the inauguration day, the way was paved for Captain Silverstone Ankersine to become the President of SADR against all odds in a sudden twist of fate.
  • Buchtyp: E-book
  • Produktsprache: Englisch
  • Ean Code: 9781514463222
  • ISBN: 9781514463222
  • Verlag: Xlibris UK
  • E-Book-Typ: epub
  • Autor: Alpha Dominion
  • Kopierschutz: Adobe DRM
  • Gift: Keine
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