There is always more or less difficulty, in an historical work, in selecting those things which will interest the greatest number of readers. Individual tastes differ so widely, that that which may be of absorbing interest to one has no attractions for another. Some are interested only in that which concerns themselves, and do not care to read of even the most thrilling adventures in which they were not partici pants. Such persons are apt. To conclude that what they are not interested in is value, and its pre servation in history a useless expense. In this, they are in error, as the most trivial reminiscence becomes more and more important, as years roll by, and the preservation of the names of the pioneer partici pants is regarded with a just pride by their descendants. In the settlement of any new township or county, no one person is entitled to all the credit for what has been accomplished, but every individual is a part of the great whole, and all are directly or indirectly connected with each step of progress. For this reason, it is always a very diflicult if not impossible task to measure and express the exact meed of praise or commendation due to the individual, and we have, therefore, stated facts, with naught set down in malice or in praise.
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